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Important Update

Rexol strives to provide a reliable investment program while maintains the security and ease of use. In order to enhance transparency, a new section is added at the bottom of the home page to display the live flow of transactions including deposits and withdrawals in real-time. The history of deposits and withdrawals is accessible in the full statistics section.

Rexol ultimate goal is to enhance the availability of the fruitful investment opportunity to a wider range of clients worldwide by retaining the minimum investment amount as low as possible, however, due to the recent market appreciation, to maintain the Feasibility and performance of the system, it is necessary to revise the minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal.

Thus, the minimum deposit amount will be 0.0012 BTC and the minimum withdrawal amount will be 0.0002 BTC from July 2 at 01:00 AM London (GMT+4). After 360 hours (July 17th), the minimum withdrawal amount will increase to 0.0012 BTC as well.

Wish you all a joyful investment journey!

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